The Sala Hin Boun

The ultimate place to go caving along the Nam Hin Boun river

In Lao language, “sala“ means “hotel“. This one belongs to the Sala Lao network, which covers the main touristic provinces of the LPDR. Created by our friend Mr. Vannivong Soumpholphakdy, hosting carefully respects the principles of eco-tourism. The comfort is simple yet in perfect harmony with the local context.

There is a bar-restaurant where one can taste regional dishes as well as European cuisine, and a dozen rooms equiped with fan and bathroom (hot water! A luxury after caving!). The construction makes extensive use of locally available materials (wood, woven bamboo ...). The entire place breathes peace. At least as long as our merry band of pirates has not invested the scene ...

This is the ideal base camp to access the caves which punctuate the valley of the Nam Hin Boun.

First, Tham Konglor, a worldclass cave, traversed by an underground river, navigable for over six kilometers. This alone is worth the trip.

Then, Tham Nam Non - the Cave of the sleeping water - one of the largest caves in Laos, with 24 kilometers of galleries already mapped. The exploration is not finished yet.

And many others, under exploration or still pristine...